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Interview: Rosamund Pike at the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival.

Interview: Rosamund Pike at the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival.

During the opening of the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival (Oct. 4), Rosamund give some interviews and we got a little of what was said.

Pike recalls reading Colvin’s front page war stories from the Middle East in the Sunday Times as a university student.

“I felt I understood her in some slight way. Not that I had any life experiences like hers. I suppose it was something about commitment to the truth and to your vocation. I was drawn to her courage.”

Feeling a necessity to test her own limits of fear, just before filming, Pike accompanied a charity group devoted to clearing away land mines.

“They took me to a part of Lebanon where the British Consulate website advises you not to go. I was in charge of pressing the button that would detonate 14 or 15 land mines. It was huge. I felt it go right through my body. Birds stopped singing,” she recalled.

Pike has fond memories of the 2005 Mill Valley Festival when she came with “Pride & Prejudice.”

“I remember watching a Q&A with Jeff Bridges. There was an honesty and frankness in his answers that actors and filmmakers seemed to be able to give to this festival, maybe because it is quite a relaxed vibe.  I found myself chatting at a bar with (director) Rain Johnson right after his success with ‘Brick,’ and thinking this is the film industry I want to be part of.”


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