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Rosamund Pike talk bout refused to strip to her underwear for James Bond audition.

Rosamund Pike talk bout refused to strip to her underwear for James Bond audition.

Rosamund Pike has proven she’s the perfect candidate for a female Bond once more, after revealing she once refused to strip to her underwear for an audition but got the part anyway.

The Gone Girl actress, who is no stranger to James Bond, remembered in an Amazon’s Audible Session that the dress she took with her to her Die Another Day audition was way off the mark.

“The costume designer said ‘That’s a very beautiful dress, but in Bond films we wear things a little more like this’, and he held up three pieces of string. I realised I was way out of my depth… So I put on this shimmering sheath, or whatever the order of the day was, but I didn’t drop it.” Pike explained.

Reflecting on her “presence of mind” at the time, the actress said she ‘admired herself’:

“I just thought, ‘Actually sod that. If they’re gonna see me in my underwear, they better give me the job’. I thought, ‘There’s no way I’m going to take off a dress in the audition for this tape to be sent around Los Angeles and to be judged on that’.”

While Rosamund’s Bond experience didn’t get off to most ideal start, the actress is still more than happy to entertain the idea of expanding on her role as Bond Girl Miranda Frost.

Arguing the case for creating a separate female agent, rather than simply re-casting 007 as a woman, Rosamund said:

“Why should she have once been a man and now it has to be played by a woman? Why not make a kick-ass female agent in her own right?


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