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Rosamund Pike talks about her past nominations and her next film ‘Radioactive’.

Rosamund Pike talks about her past nominations and her next film ‘Radioactive’.

WWD – At the Giorgio Armani – Milan Fashion Show 2019 [Feb. 23] Rosamund Pike reminiscing about her recent nomination at another big industry event.

“I remember the day I found out I was nominated at the Golden Globes perfectly. I was having lunch with a really good friend of mine at restaurant 34 in London when I got the phone call, because I’m not obsessed with my phone like everybody else, I’m always missing the most important news in my life. I just happened to check my phone and the screen lit up with all these ecstatic congratulations. I didn’t even know that was the day of the announcement. Typical me.”

She was nominated in the Best Actress category for her role as war reporter Marie Colvin in “A Private War.” She paused to talk to WWD at the Giorgio Armani show on Saturday, before taking her seat alongside fellow actresses Naomi Watts and Gemma Arterton. The actress, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for her turn in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” paused when asked who she will be rooting for at this year’s ceremony.

“I do have hopes, I think the group of lead actors is really strong this year, but to be honest I think the nominations are the most exciting part. You’re on the road with this group of people who are all nominated and you’re celebrating each other’s work. And the moment the winners are announced, that whole magical period ends.”

Pike’s next film is “Radioactive”, in which she will take a turn as Polish-French scientist Marie Curie alongside Sam Riley, who plays her husband Pierre. The couple developed the theory of radioactivity in 1903, for which they won the Nobel Prize in physics. Marie Curie then went on to receive a second Nobel prize in 1911, becoming the only woman to ever win the distinction twice.

“I loved that character. Marie Curie was formidable, passionate but in a very individual and unique way, fierce in her commitment to what she believed in. She never let other people’s opinions guide her life, which is something I really value.”

The film was directed by French-Israeli director Marjane Satrapi, of “Persepolis” fame, and will be released this fall.

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